Let the Blogging Begin

Today I decided it was time to start up the blog here on RyanWolniak.com. I’m going to let this post serve as an introduction to my blog: why I’m starting it, what I plan to do with it, and who might find it useful.

Why am I starting a blog?

Today I read a really interesting article called “What every computer science major should know” by Matthew Might. The article covers a number of important math and computer science topics. Some of the topics he mentions, I was pleased to find out, I have already covered over the course of my past three semesters of education (such as linear algebra, discrete math and Java). Other topics I’m excited to be learning over the upcoming semesters: data structures, algorithms, networking, C, and software engineering (to name a few). But, one of the topics that stuck out to me was having a portfolio instead of a resume. I liked the idea of showcasing code and knowledge I’ve developed to potential employers. Thus, over the course of my remaining semesters at the University of Maryland, I plan to update this blog frequently with content related to what I’ve been working on in computer science.

What will this blog cover?

This blog will cover computer science related content that I’m learning (either in my classes at the University of Maryland or outside of classes in my side-projects and work projects).

Who might find this blog useful?

If you’re a company looking to hire me onto your team, you may find this blog useful in evaluating my abilities. You’ll be able to see my skills from the time I started blogging, and how they’ve evolved over time with dedicated work and persistence.

If you’re a computer science major, you might also find this blog useful as a learning tool. Since I’ll be posting articles about computer science projects and news, you may find it useful to subscribe and stay updated to what I’ve been up to.

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